Thursday, 23 August 2012

|Narration| Visiting my San Jose City Foster Home

Last weekend was a loooong one. 
I took the opportunity to visit my foster family in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.
 I spent my Saturday night pushing and struggling against the tide of commuters equally excited to shift to vacation mode.

I arrived in Binabuyan, San Jose City at around 11pm of Saturday and stayed there until the morning of Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012.

I had a chance to hear the bishop's mass in the cathedral. It was Apung Bobet (Bp. Roberto Mallari), newly installed Bishop of the Diocese of San Jose. It was quite weird to hear Apung Bobet saying the mass in Tagalog.

San Jose City Cathedral's retablo

My whole stay is a laid back rural life. Very far from the wave of busy people that I bump into everyday, stand in the long line, and wait for the next train, a skipping train perhaps.

The scenic rice lush green rice paddies gives a calming feeling.
Have a look of these snapshots:

This is what you will see when you stand on the front door, west direction. Notice the pine tree, I really wonder how did it grow among the rice paddies.

A view from a window facing the north direction.

The unceasing hospitality of Daddy Lito, Mommy Des, Tita Nene, Bige, and Andoy adds to the serene environment, a good way to have an escape of the busy work days of the city.

Of course when I get back to the busy world, I have, as I always do, brought some red dots with me. hahaha :) A bunch of mosquito bites, at least they are lesser than the previous visits.

I am always grateful to my CLYP 2012 foster family. :)


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