Thursday, 21 June 2012

|Narration| New "G"

For some personal reasons, I changed the "G" in my blog.
I designated "G" of the ORANGE as "Greetings" when I started this blog.
I post here my random greetings to the random people who were celebrating something special in time with my blogging mood.

This past few weeks, I've been addicted to an app on my phone--Instagram.
Instagram is to blame for changing my "G | reetings" page.
I decided to post some of my Instapictures on this blog.
So, ORANGE's "G" would now be
<insert drum roll here, haha>

I hope this would not be a big deal to all of you (hahaha, asa!).
The Greetings posts can still be seen on the "E | tc." page.

So, friends, that would be all :)
Enjoy browsing my G"G | allery"

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