Thursday, 17 May 2012

|Review| McDonald's Big 'N Tasty

Twelve days ago, my fellow youth minister gave us a treat in McDonald’s Dau.
I was about to order my regular Quarter Pounder, large fries without salt (not for health reasons but to assure the freshness and crispness of the fries), and regular Coke when I saw their new product on the menu board. I saw the Big ‘N Tasty burger.
It looks like a Quarter Pounder with added veggies.

I decided to have this new product instead of my regular Quarter Pounder.
I was so excited to have a look of the bun-burger-cheese-onions-tomato-lettuce stack.
That burger craving feeling when I play Sky Burger on my iPod came to me.
So upon opening the box, I felt a burger monster inside wanting to munch on the burger prisoner in the cage. Hahaha.

I was pleased with the appearance of the sandwich. It was overflowing with everything.
I had to pick the shreds of
lettuce surrounding it.
I took a bite and I tasted the full meaty burger taste of Quarter Pounder with added shreds of lettuce and slices of tomato.
It also has a sauce that is not present the Quarter Pounder but it tasted like the “special” sauce of the Big Mac.
So it is safe to have this equation:

I think Big 'N Tasty would replace the best McDonald's Burger for me.

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