Tuesday, 6 March 2012

|Narration| Ani ng Sining

I was scanning the channels of local TV yesterday and PTV caught my attention.
It is broadcasting the Concert at the Park, which I usually tune in whenever I get the chance to.

The show featured various dances from folk to contemporary.
What struck me most was the music for the finale and curtain call.
The song sings about the arts and it is accompanied with lively indigenous and contemporary instruments.
I love hearing songs like this so I quickly guessed and typed "Ani ng Sining" on my youtube app.
It gave me interesting results. 
This one is an animation of the seven arts with "Ani ng Sining" background music.

I thought that this was new for 2012. After googling the title, I found
out that it was used for 2010-2011.
Philippines was declared the Culture Capital of the ASEAN for the year 2010-11.
I wished that I was aware of it. I could've witnessed the cultural shows and exhibits
that NCCA had prepared.

It is too late to witness the event but it is not too late to play a looped "Ani ng Sining: in my pc. :)
Here is a video with the full length song of "Ani ng Sining" by Joey Ayala.
I hope you like it as I do. Enjoy!


  1. Congrats kapatad for having this site...balaku sa nanu ya ing ORANGE...atin ya palang meaning itang "ORANGE"...sana dakal ma educate keni and in a way maging expressive kareng buri dang sabyan or i komento...GOD BLESS....

  2. salamat kong mike! :) orange is my fave color. mipaintagun mu na eganaganang balak kung ipost, megroup la according to initials of the ORANGE. :D

  3. visit kayu rin pala king parish page and PYM page mi.