Thursday, 15 September 2011

|Agitation| Unequal Distribution of NYD Slots in ACYM

ACYM Composition of the 60 slots for NYD 2011:
AYD, AYC and AYL- 3 slots
11 Vicariates x 3 slots- 33 slots
HAU- 3 slots
AUF- 3 slots
St Nicholas- 3 slots
Mary the Queen- 3 slots
UA Outreach- 3 slots
SCA- 7 slots
ACYM Staff- 2 slots
Total: 60 slots

"The ministers in each Vicariates will be a staple [of ACYM] since they would not graduate and transfer to other vicariate or diocese unless they will move out with their families. I have no reservations in giving SCA slots for this event [i.e. National Youth Day].

The things I have in my mind with the distribution of slots are:

1) Why are only select schools given slots? What were the criteria in selecting the schools? These schools have SCA. These five schools are given 3 slots. Three slots are also given to one VYM. Is the population of a Campus Youth Ministry at par with the population of a Vicariate Youth Ministry? In my honest opinion, it is a big NO. A VYM caters to a LARGER scale as compared to a CYM. The students in these schools have parishes that the 11 VYMs cater.

2) SCA is a member of the supposed to be 12th member of ACYM i.e. FNYO. So why does it have a greater number of slots as compared to the merged slots of two VYM, 7:6, is that reasonable? Again, these SCA members are parishioners of a parish in the Archdiocese which parish has its PYM and that PYM is a member of its respective VYM.

3) Shouldn’t the ACYM give slots according to the population of a VYM or CYM? Like for example, there are VYM that have 10 or more parishes and some have less than ten. Shouldn’t the VYM with 10 or more parishes be given more slots as to equalize the percentage of delegates per VYM/CYM?" -comment in facebook

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