Wednesday, 13 July 2011

|Opinion| Pajero Bishops

Live streaming URL was shared to me a while ago.
The hearing is ongoing as of this time.
I really don't get. Bakit ang mga obispo ang nailagay sa media hot seat?
At first I was skeptic on this issue. What side I would take? But then it is the public money is at stake.

They are now talking about the vehicles reported. The media should stop using “Pajero Bishops” instead “4x4 Bishops.” LOL.

Then the words of Mother Teresa came into my mind that wherever the money came from, she would accept it because she can use it for a good purpose. In my opinion, the bishops did that because they saw the needs of their respective dioceses. One major concern is the transportation of goods and services. Would someone use a sentra/civic/vios on unpaved road networks? On steep slopes? Of course not! Eh di laman na lang ng talyer ang mga maliliit na sasakyan na yon. The 4x4 purchases were indeed justified.

The money was given as donation. So I think the issue that the must be in focus is about the PCSO doing the “charity work” not the bishops using the donated amount to buy a vehicle that would benefit the community.


  1. My major annoyance about this issue is not about whether the requests or purchases were justified (that's another longer comment, haha). For the longest time, I have been wondering why these bishops were so quiet and supportive of GMA despite her many evils, and now they're so critical of the new administration. Well, the issues against P-Noy are not entirely unjustified (another issue altogether, haha). Pero ing point ku, if you're against corruption, regardless of who is in power, dapat against ka. Ali itang just cause mengapanusignan la kareng requests da, pebren dane mu y GMA. Such hypocrites.

    Of course, di ko nilalahat. I remain steadfast in my faith in Him, despite these erring bishops. :D

  2. long comments talaga if those were tackled hahah. that is why I limited these post to the PCSO issue. I have issues with the CBCP like their bashing to the current admin and blah blah blah... hahaba na to...

    I just have to say that for this PCSO-Bishops issue, I side with the bishops :)