Tuesday, 12 July 2011

|Narration| First Entry (hope it won't be the last :3)

Google became part of the languages worldwide. And its definition is to search using a keyword on google.com. Due to my curiosity on what would show up, I googled my name. It displayed my membership in different social networking sites, tagged videos and blog posts wherein my full name was written.

My attention was caught by a blogpost in PISTORI entitled "Color Me Orange" by Nic, a younger sister in my provincial org back in UP. It gave me the inspiration to blog again. I tried to do blogging so many times but it failed. Haha. I didn't find time to update them (or I dont like to write back then). I even lost track of the blogging sites that I used.

This blog is entitled Color me O.R.A.N.G.E., an adaptation to what Nic had written (Nic, I hope you dont mind me using the title of you blogpost J). Expect to read about my Opinions, Reviews, Agitations, Narrations, Greetings, and Etc. in this blog.

With that, I welcome you my new official blog!